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by on July 24, 2019

Hair transplantation has been a progressive procedure so far. It helped a lot of people to overcome their baldness issue. In this, you are your own donor, you don’t need anyone else to help you solve your problem. You donate your own hair to get the new one. It is taken from the donor site of the scalp and implanted to the recipient site. There are many myths and misconceptions regarding the surgery. One should go to the doctor to clear all the doubts about Hair transplant in Ahmedabad. It’s better to have a word with the doctor before the surgery.

People who are dealing with pattern baldness undergo restoration surgery. Now there are multiple techniques which are used according to the circumstances. But in every procedure, a person’s own follicles is used for the transplant. Most of the time people misinterpret that someone else’s hair will be used to complete the process, but it is not true. Doctors use follicles from the part of the scalp which has an excessive amount and implants it to the bald part of the scalp. This is the common procedure in every technique whether it is FUE, FUT or PRP.

Who Will be the Donor?

It is theoretically possible that one person can donate hair to another person but it is practically hard to implement. It has a reason behind it. For example- if you have excessive hair and your friend lack it and you want to help him and decides to donate, the doctor implants the follicles on your friend’s head but it will fall off or reject because of his immune system. It is possible only when anti-rejection medications were taken. But it is harmful and it can affect the person’s health. It can be possible when both persons are identical twins.

It is a complicated procedure and maybe not even possible. Doctors and surgeon who are doing this surgery for years, don’t get agree for this. In almost every case the transplantation is done the donor is the very same person. Taking it from the donor site and implanting it to the recipient site. It is a precise process and requires an expert surgeon who has a lot of experience and can deal with any kind of situation if occurs while performing the surgery.

People can easily donate other body parts like lungs, heart, kidney but not hair. This is because of anti-rejection drugs, though it has many side effects and it is only prescribed under serious medical conditions. Doctors are doing research on it to find a cure. Maybe after that, it would be possible to donate it as well. But nowadays it is easy to undergo transplantation. You become your own donor and get those natural looks back. There is a number of clinics and doctors available who do Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad. They are skilled and experienced in their work and are performing this surgery for years. One such is Avenue Cosmetics, they are one of the leading clinic for Transplantation and other cosmetic surgeries.

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