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Many people think that 3D hard gold is a kind of gold or K gold. This is actually a mistake. 3D hard gold is a kind of process, which is mainly produced in the "electroforming" mode. It mainly improves the hardness and wear resistance of gold by improving the gold content, PH value, working temperature, organic light agent content and agitation speed of electroforming solution. Although 3D hard gold adds a very small amount of other precious metals to the electroforming solution, the purity is not affected by the extremely small content.
Hard gold products have fine workmanship and seemingly full of elegance and light weight. Compared with the same style of gold products, under the premise of the same amount, volume and appearance, hard gold can effectively reduce the amount of gold used and save the cost of the purchaser fundamentally, making the product wear light and revealing the temperament.
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Modern women's pursuit of life is getting higher and higher, the consumption of jewelry is becoming more and more personalized, and the purpose of consumption is mainly changed from the initial preservation to the decoration. Hard gold products are diverse in style, wear-resistant and comfortable to wear engraved photo necklace. Compared with soft gold, it is more conducive to the designer's inspiration to get rid of the shackles, making it a fashionable three-dimensional gold aristocrat, shaping a variety of vivid modeling.
The hardness of 3D hard gold is 4 times as hard as traditional pure gold. It has high wear resistance and is made of high-precision wax mold, making gold has a three-dimensional effect. Using advanced space dewaxing technology, no welding spot, no seam and with smooth and perfect surface lines personalized photo pendant necklace. Different techniques are used in different positions of the jewelry, partially polished, partially matte, resulting in contrast between light and dark, the layering of gold is clearer and the stereoscopic effect is stronger.
The characteristics of the hard gold itself make the precious metal price system unable to be fully applied. Changing the gold pricing system based on the gold price, which is more in line with the definition of “jewelry”. At the same time, the product model is more distinctive, satisfying the aesthetics of different customers, and even appearing multiple hot styles, becoming a highlight of sales. The characteristics of good technology, high hardness, high labor costs, good style and other characteristics determine that 3D hard gold is more expensive than ordinary gold.
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