Daniel Kyle
by on August 5, 2019
This scottish traditional kilt is also used by the clans and in festivals for bands. The Royal Stewart Tartan is also used by the queen&rsquo's guards. Royal Stewart Tartan Kilt is made from around 5 yards of the poly-viscose Acrylic wool and is very lighter than the traditional 8 yards version. The kilt was designed so it will not affect your style, tradition and you will feel comfortable wearing this kilt. Royal Stewart Tartan Kilt has deep pleats sewn individually so that they stay sharp and look elegant. It has adjustable leather straps so it fits perfectly around your waist. With this Modern Tartan , you can exude classic Scottish charm wherever you go. A kilt that is ideal for wear in both casual and formal settings, this kilt provides you with versatile wear to fit into many kilt-wearing ensembles. You can make sure this handsome red and black kilt fits you perfectly by taking your measurements and feeding them into the site to be made to measure. Input measurements such as your fell measurement, waist size, hip size and kilt length. You can choose your own buttons and hardware in order to make this red tartan kilt completely your own. Finally, you can add matching hose flashes, a matching tartan wallet and even a tartan sporran to complete your look.
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