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by on August 7, 2019
It is a major debate whether a monogamous relationship is better or should there be polyamorous relationships. While monogamy is widely accepted on ethically and norm-wise, the polyamory is frowned upon by the critics and narrow minded people. This article discusses the differences between these two preferences and benefits of each of the type of relationship and also explain why each kind of relationship is best in its own way.
In a monogamous relationship, there only two individuals, whether the relationship be heterosexual or homosexual. Mostly, the couples prefer that their significant other does not date anyone else and vice versa. It is common to see that if a man walking down the street with his girlfriend looks at another girl, then the girlfriend gets offended, in many cases this leads to such an extent that it causes a breakups.
A monogamous relationship, whether it be marriage or just dating, is said to be all about loyalty and faithfulness. Two individuals who are on polygamy dating trust each other and depend on each other emotionally. They satisfy each other sexually and a monogamous relationship is easier to maintain. If a third person will enter the relationship then one of them will feel insecure and offended.
While monogamous relationships are thought to be restrictive and outdated, there are individuals who prefer it and argue that in a monogamous relationship there is trust, honor and a sense of bonding which keep the relationship healthy and that is what most people seek from a relationship. The goal of a monogamous relationship is not dating, maintaining a long-term relationship and ultimately getting married and settling down.
Monogamous couples do not prefer polyamorous relationships because once you have flown the coop, there are less and less chances of returning to normal. Once you have broken the seal of monogamy, you will be more distant from your partner and the factor of marriage will fade away. Even if you have tried it once, there are chances that you will try it again and you might cheat on your partner in doing so.
When it comes to sex, the sex can improve with time, in a monogamous relationship the best part is that you do not have to worry about your sexual performance and you do not feel embarrassed when you have an understanding and love each other so you do not have to start from stage one. Even in bed, where you are trying to be kinky and exploring, monogamous couples prefer someone they can trust and not someone new who you have no idea about their sexual preferences. The biggest fear of monogamous couples is that if they will engage in a polyamorous relationship then there are chances that they will catch STDs so they feel more secure being in a monogamous relationship.
Now, let us discuss the polyamorous relationships, the elephant in the room, the big no-no that monogamous couples are afraid of. A polyamory is basically when there are more than two individuals involved in romantic or sexual relationship. It is seen as a taboo in our society and often frowned upon.
The very first argument given by people who prefer a polyamorous relationship is that it is fun. It is important to give everyone what they sexually desire and not restrict them to having only one partner. In a polyamorous relationship there is less jealousy and more satisfaction compared to a monogamous relationship because you have the consent of your partners to be involved with more than one person but in monogamy you are forbidden by your partner to be associated with a third person.
When we talk about trust, monogamous relationships are based on it but trust also plays a vital role in a polyamorous relationship. There is always the possibility that couples cheat on each other in a monogamous relationship which can break the trust but in a polyamorous relationship the partners have allowed each other to explore their sexuality and satisfy themselves so this does not fall in the ambit of cheating as long as your partner knows and allows it. A polyamorous relationship breaks the barriers that cannot be broken in a monogamous relationship
Polyamory offers you what monogamy does not; you have free hand to explore your sexuality with or without your partner and you can have as many romantic partners as you please. A polyamorous relationship can save a failing relationship. There comes a time when couples cannot satisfy each other or they are bored, this is where polyamory kicks in. Human is a social animal and it is natural that it wants to experience change every once in a while so it is okay to give polyamory a try, this might save your relationship.
Polyamory has more benefits compared to monogamy. When a couple decides to have a polyamorous relationship, they are free to explore and they can even add a third individual to their relationship. Women who are not satisfied with the performance of their male partners can add a third male that will satisfy her, they can have a threesome and woman can experience double penetration. Even if the one male partner gets tired or ejaculates, even then the other male partner can make the woman have an orgasm. This can be the other way around as well, a male person having a threesome with two women can increase his confidence level and if the one of the female partners is bisexual then that is even better.
In the end, it is up to the couples to decide whether they want a monogamous relationship or a polyamorous relationship. All that matters is that the couples are happy with their relationships.
It has been debated whether monogamy is better or one should try polyamory. The benefits of being in a monogamous relationship, the building of trust and loyalty, their sexual lives and why it is traditionally and norm-wise accepted compared to the trust of couple in a polyamory relationship having romantic relationships and performing sexual acts with multiple people involving their significant other.
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