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The three terms of the proposal ring, engagement ring, and wedding ring separately to ask a new couple. They may answer the order well but if combine together to ask them. They will confused soon.
Some people will worry, if you follow the normal procedure, first propose marriage, then meet parents and engagement, and finally get married. That should buy 4 rings at least, for the 80, 90 who are now overwhelmed by the pressure.
Don't worry, let's sort it out. What is the difference between a marriage ring, an engagement ring and a wedding ring?
Proposal ring
It is the monogram ring that the male gives to the woman when she proposes marriage. It is provided by the man. The diamond ring is generally used, because the diamond symbolizes the rock-solid love. Marriage rings are usually more applicable in Western countries. Young people in China nowadays usually take the form of marriage proposal before marriage, and the man gives the woman a ring. Under normal circumstances, the man buys an engagement ring in the case that the woman does not know, the purpose is to surprise the woman.
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Engagement ring
It is the ring that the man give to the woman when they are engaged. In the Western countries, the marriage ring can be equated with the engagement ring. However, in the traditional customs of our country, there is no such thing as a marriage ring, but it is called an engagement ring. Especially in the old society, the man's mother will pass the ancestral ring to the prospective daughter-in-law, which means the recognition of the status of the woman.
Wedding ring
It is a ring used by both men and women to get married, usually a pair, now known as the wedding ring. Wedding rings are generally chosen by both men and women. They can be selected according to economic strength. The normal economic strength can generally choose silver ring or gold ring. The strong ones can choose diamond 18K gold ring or diamond platinum ring.
The proposal ring and the engagement ring are usually one and can be used universally. It is not excluded that the male parent gives the ancestral birthstone ring to the woman for the purpose of expressing the heart. The wedding ring is a pair.
In addition, the engagement ring is not engraved according to the Western tradition, and the wedding ring can engrave the surnames and their abbreviations and dates of both men and women. Or engrave the words chosen by the groom to express his emotions. After remarriage, wedding ring is the mainly worn.
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