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The more classic match is jade and gold, and now the match of diamond and gold is also very popular. It has the meaning of long-lasting and also can show the distinguished status.
Exquisite and compact style
Gold is not always the bigger the better. When you walk on the street and watch someone wearing a heavy gold pendant or a gold bracelet, what do you think, tacky, of course. Many women's choices in gold jewelry are always single. When talking about gold jewelry, they always think of cheap name necklaces, bracelets and rings, and some may think of earrings.
This jewelry:
Too big a gold earring won't help improve your temperament. More often, such gold earrings will make you look vulgar. If you choose a nice and small earring, it will not only not tacky, but also show your temperament and taste. It can make the whole person more beautiful and moving. A bow or a flick of the hair, a touch of gold on the earlobe, will make your whole look better.
How to match gold jewelry in daily wear?
1. Color matching
Not all clothing is suitable for gold. Warm-colored clothing can be decorated with gold, but cool-colored clothing can choose other gold cheap personalized jewelry.
2. Consistent style
Your style of dressing determines whether the jewelry you wear is simple or luxurious. If it is normal, wear some casual clothes, you can mix with small, cute and exquisite jewelry. This is more suitable for young and lively characters of girls.
3. The theme of unity
When going out, some of you may want to wear all the jewelry on the body. For example, you wear a gold bracelet and a jade on your chest, and a colorful ring on the hand. In fact, it’s not beautiful, and it will cause visual exhaustion. People feel that they are not particularly comfortable and generous. So when it comes to matching, the theme should be unified.
4. The focus is on
Jewelry is not about quantity, not about size, but about precision that makes people's eyes light up. Even if you only wear a small jewelry, others will be attracted. If you really like wearing more than one piece, you must also have prominent jewelry, for example, if the bracelet style is complex, then the ring should be simple; if the earrings are exaggerated, then the necklace will be simple.
5.The primary and secondary points
When the clothes you wear are already very luxurious, and you have decorated with many pieces of gold ornaments, the jewelry can even be unworn, so as not to be overwhelmed.
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