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The gold ring is fine and elegant, but it is easy to deform after wearing it for a long time without paying attention to maintenance. What should you do after the ring is deformed?
Since gold jewelry is very soft, it has a physical hardness of gold is 2.5. The hardness is comparable to the hardness of our nails, so it is easy to scratch and deform in normal life, which is a big flaw for some people who love beauty.
There are many ways to solve the deformation of the gold ring. Some say that the gold ring can make into a thin strip and then can be used as a hairpin. Some can be worn with a necklace as a pendant. However, these methods have a good solution to the deformed gold birthstone ring, but they have forgotten the use of the ring, and the ring is to be worn on the hand.
The deformation of the gold ring is a very troublesome thing, because it can not going back to the original shape, so you should find a cylindrical object that is harder than the inner diameter of the ring and will not scratch the ring. Put the ring on the flat glass plate and press it down a few times so that the ring can be restored.
If it is an open monogram ring, after the hand is determined, it is not easy to be deformed by fixing it with an infusion tube. Many people now choose to use the red line for fixing, but the red line fixing looks neither beautiful nor has a red thread. But the infusion tube is transparent and has no nodes. Just insert the two ends of the ring into the infusion tube, which is beautiful.
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If the gold ring is accidentally collided with other hard materials or excessively squeezed, causing the gold ring to be severely deformed, it should be sent to the store where the ring is purchased for maintenance, as long as it is not too serious, it is generally free. If it is very serious and needs to be remoulded, then it needs to pay a certain fee.
If your ring is a fancy ring or inlaid ring, this structure is better than the complicated ring, it is best not to adjust it yourself, let the professionals handle it is better.
The easy deformation of the gold ring is determined by its nature. If you don't want gold to be easily deformed, then the gold weight of the ring should be heavier. The female ring is 3 grams or more, and the male ring is about 10 grams. It is best to choose the right ring size.
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