by on August 14, 2019
Today, we invite quality inspection experts from gold jewelry to teach you some knowledge of gold purchase and use.
Before buying:
1 First understand some of the common sense of buying goods, master some simple identification skills. 2 Select large-scale shopping malls or brand-name stores with large scale, good reputation and quality assurance, and try not to buy them in personal or in tourist areas.
After purchase:
When using accessories, you should keep in mind the relevant requirements for the use, maintenance and precautions of the products, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes.
Q1: Gold jewelry is worn for a long time, will it be significantly reduced in weight?
Gold jewelry is worn for a long time and will wear out. However, as long as it is properly worn and maintained, the loss of wear (weight) is trace amount. According to the test results, the total quality of the gold infinity name necklace changed slightly after wearing for a long time, but the change will not be great.
Q2: Some consumers complain that the 24K gold necklace has become longer after wearing it for a while. Is this a quality problem?
First of all, 24K gold refers to gold with a gold content of 100%, which is the theoretical value. Gold is ductile and soft. Full gold (gold content ≥ 990 ‰) necklace due to high gold content, if not properly worn, will cause the projection necklace to become longer, but this is not a quality problem. Therefore, consumers should be careful not to pull and carefully pick when wearing gold necklaces.
Q3: Some people say that wearing a gold jewelry to wash their hands and bathing will not have any effect on the jewelry itself. Is it true?
It is not recommended to wash your hands with gold jewelry. First, it is easy to damage jewelry, and secondly, shampoo, shower gel, etc. may chemically react with other trace filler metal materials in gold cheap custom jewelry.
Q4: Some people say that the purity of gold can be distinguished by color. The higher the color, the higher the purity. Is this true?
The color and purity of gold are not necessarily related. Some 18K gold colors are also pure yellow. It is unscientific to determine the purity of gold by visually observing the color.
The gold jewelry produced by the regular production factory is covered with gold and the manufacturer's mark, such as cover 24K, 14K and so on. If there is no mark, it is generally a fake. But be sure to remember that this must be bought at a regular store, and the purity of gold jewelry cannot be guaranteed elsewhere.
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