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Gold jewelry, meaning rich and auspicious, is a jewelry that many people like. There are many kinds of gold in the market, in addition to the pure gold, there are common K gold, gold-plated jewelry. Gold is a stable precious metal with stable nature, which means that it will not change easily under normal circumstances. But have you encountered the "fading" of gold?
Gold jewelry will actually fade? In everyone's impression, the metal jewelry that will be discolored should be of low purity, or completely inferior metal, and the high purity gold decoration is discolored. What is the reason?
In general, gold jewelry is exposed to substances containing mercury and reacts with it to produce white gold-mercury compounds. The surface of gold naturally turns white. Some of the cosmetics, shower gels, perfumes, fungicides, etc. in our daily life may contain mercury, so do not touch the gold ornaments with these substances for a long time.
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Gold and other jewellery wear may also leave white scratches, such as white gold or sterling silver engraved photo necklace jewellery, which will only appear in the friction and stay on the surface. If it is a scratch, you can wipe it yourself with a soft white cloth. Most of the jewelry can be wiped clean or sent to a jewelry store.
If it is because of the mercury causing whitening, you can get it in a jewelry store with a professional musket. Because the melting point of mercury is very low, in the heat treatment, mercury will immediately evaporate, so that the gold jewelry will restore its original appearance. Never use a lighter to burn yourself.
1. Must first make up the makeup and then wear gold, to avoid direct contact with perfume, cosmetics, hair gel and other things.
2. The gold is relatively soft, so don't squeeze it when you wear it, otherwise it will be easily deformed.
3. Detergents, disinfectants, etc. should also be avoided. When doing housework, hot springs, or swimming, it is best to take off gold jewelry.
4. Gold jewelry loses its luster due to stains, dust, etc., can be washed with neutral detergent and warmed with warm water, then wiped dry to restore luster.
5. Gold name jewelry necklace jewelry that is not worn for a long time should be stored in a soft cloth. It is best to store it separately to avoid rubbing against other jewelry.
Chinese people like gold jewelry, but everyone must pay attention to it. When you wear it, you must take care of it carefully, so that the jewelry can be worn for a long time.
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