Emma Smith
by on August 27, 2019
With a change in the field of technology, learning and teaching process has changed as well. This is the reason why online tutoring platforms have turned out to be productive and efficient ways of educating children. In the traditional education system, the main focus has always been on solving the questions. As opposed to that, web based tutoring allows the children to look for problems and clear their doubts until the time a subject is completely clear. Like many other students, Sophia struggled with the conventional learning process which impacted her grades to as low as a “C” in stats. Much to their disappointment, Sophia’s parents couldn’t figure the reason behind her low grades. They kept guessing between reasons like fear of exams and spoon feeding but they couldn’t find the actual problem. During this time, someone recommended Online Statistics Tutor of TutorEye to Sophia’s parents. Whatever happened from that point onwards proved to be a boon for improving her grades in statistics.
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