Amely Fisher
by on September 3, 2019
Wise people often say that living in a recurrent routine can be lethal, and therefore, one must set out for an adventure every now and then. For getting rid of monotony in life, most people think about traveling. When they are traveling to a new place, they look forward to a thrilling adventure while hoping for the cost to be budget-friendly. The saturation in the hospitality industry provides people with various options to choose from. Finding a travel agency takes up time, money and hassle. That is when people look for a one-stop solution to pivot their trip arrangements. If you know how to create an App like Airbnb, then you can quickly expand your clientele and attract more customers by providing them with a different home-like atmosphere. If you do not know how to go ahead with the idea of creating a clone app, then you should stick around and take notes from this source. 1.Identifying the application: Airbnb is a travel app that answers to requests towards apartment/home rental availabilities throughout the globe. 2. How does it work? The business model of this application is based on three prime-associates, which are the hosts, the guest and the freelance photographers. All of these elements are connected to the Airbnb platform. 3. The range of their spectra: Their mobile app is available for iPhone and Android-based platforms. They have a website that lists the details of their services, the locations and a lot more. Furthermore, they have a social media presence, and they offer promotional discounts for keeping their customers interested. The development process: For developing an app that delivers in a systematic manner, the use of advanced technology is highly recommended. For building a proper application framework, automation framework, storage and hosting professional framework assistance will be required. It is quite difficult for an individual to have a familiarity with all the programming languages which will be used in the app creation process. Therefore a team of professional developers will work together to frame and structure the application. Specifications to be considered: The application development process may take several hours for database modeling, API implementations, implementation of services and liabilities and the project setup. The application must have signup and login options available. Furthermore, it must save booking history to the profile of the user. The app should have filters and settings for customers to configure and customize according to their preference.
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