Mariah Johnson
by on September 5, 2019
2019 Online shopping for popular & hot Real Hair Weave from Hair Extensions & Wigs, 3/4 Bundles, Hair Weaves. At some point, almost every woman is going to contemplate her hair weave options. Hair weave, also commonly referred to as hair extensions, comes in many styles. Today there are also lots of different ways to attach hair weave, which can affect the cost, appearance, and longevity of extensions. Consider this your hair weave crash course. By the time you are done reading you will be familiar enough with all the weave basics to schedule an appointment with your stylist! REAL VS. SYNTHETIC HAIR The first decision you will need to make is whether you want real (human) or synthetic hair. There are pros and cons to each: Real hair weave is going to blend the best, offer the most versatility, can be dyed to match your hair, heat styled, and washed like normal hair. The trade off is that the extensions will only last about 2-6 months and they tend to be more expensive. You will also need to care for real hair weave the same way you current for your own hair. You have to be careful when you are buying hair weave online or you might pay real hair prices for synthetic extensions. Look for products like Lumibloom weaves that specify exactly where the hair was sourced to avoid this problem. VIRGIN VS. PROCESSED HAIR For all those lovely ladies that want real hair extensions you have another choice to make: virgin or processed hair. Virgin hair is untouched. It has not been processed or dyed. Because of this, virgin hair is popular and tends to be more expensive. If you are trying to color match your hair perfectly, virgin hair is the only way to go. Processed hair has been stripped of its original color and dyed. It can also be processed to give the hair texture. Depending on the processing technique used, the quality and durability of the hair could be affected. The upside is processed hair tends to be cheaper. Finding the best virgin hair companies can take time. You have to trust that the company is true to their word about the condition of the hair. Click to know how to make wig
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