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he challenge of teenagers jumping through vinyl fences has been a problem for years across the Wasatch Front, with rashes of fence vandalism being released in waves. In July, authorities in Weber plus Davis counties suggested the latest wave of vandalisms could possibly be due in part to a web based challenge. The problem turned so bad that about Aug. 14, the Kaysville Criminal court Department announced a $1, 000 reward ”for any information resulting to the arrest of suspect(s) needed for a rash of vandalisms involving damage to vinyl fences. Over the summer, Kaysville Police has attained over 30 cases of fences being kicked down through the night, ” according to somewhat of a statement from the section on their Facebook internet page. A new search guarantee filed in 2nd Section Court by Kaysville police sheds more light about the alleged challenge. According for the warrant, a post was learned on Snapchat “about some sort of dare night involving Farmington Kids, ” the warrant claims. “That Snapchat read, ‘Dare night time, Wednesday night. Here is also the rules and the dares, SB (Snap back) for anyone who is in, $20 per crew, winner takes all, match at FHS student car parking at 7: 15 #repost#, ” reported by the warrant. The investigating officer also noted from the warrant that another rule was “If you have picked up by police then you certainly are disqualified. ” For the Wednesday that the alleged dare was for taking place, seven cases associated with fence vandalism were described in Kaysville, the assure states, “where groups regarding juveniles were heard and/or viewed on surveillance cameras putting together themselves through vinyl fences. Similar cases were as well reported in Farmington at that same night. ” The sum damage to fences in which night was about $10, 000, your warrant states. Through the college resource officer, five students were defined as possibly being the organizers belonging to the dare, according to this warrant. The head organizer allegedly “stored many of the lists and video submissions” coming from entrants, the warrant reports. Students would be requested to submit suggestions to get dare night, and one of the five organizers would then “put together also needs to list of the dares, ” according to the warrant. One student told police arrest “there were over 100 dares listed which the teams had to help record each dare regarding it to count. ” Up to 16 teams may have been involved, according to the particular warrant. The dares didn't all involve vandalizing walls. Some of the various other dares included stealing site visitors cones and “toilet papering, ” your warrant states. The winners about that Wednesday night received $350, according to this warrant. The search warrant has been written for officers youngster should be look at the videos about the organizer’s phone. Vinyl Lattice Fence Check list:
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