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by on September 20, 2019
Traveling has become an essential part of our life. We are basically terrible at taking time away from work, it’s because we just don’t have enough paid time off to play trip or because we think the world will end if we step away from our desk for more than a day, both the ways we are missing the much needed time to relax and rejuvenate. Sometimes by not taking the much needed time off can do more harm than good, if an extra push is what needed for you to take a vacation with family, friends or even alone then South America is the rightful place for you to stick around your foot in sand and take a sip to gaze the beauty, it will be quite difficult to get stress in such an environment. Peru has it all right from the museum to beaches to ancient ruins and much more.Peru holidays are perfect to bring in that distinctive experience.
Huaraz is known for hiking and snow-capped mountain. There is a beautiful architect to gaze and museum Chachapoyas is surrounded by cloud forest; you can explore bronze fountain and colonial building with ancient archeology, with tombs of Karanja. Ollantaytambo is known for massive ruins, Inca fortress and large stone terraces on hillside, with a sacred temple to visit Huacachina it’s a desert with a lake which is a rare combination, you can try out San boarding activities and try your leg in grape stomping which has a vineyard too. Mexico is a land of extremes right from high mountains, Wild Ocean to a deep canyon, with sweeping deserts to the rain forest, it has it all. According to needs, customized Mexico packages can be made.
Taxco is known for silver jewelry. It has cathedrals, art, museum, and nature to visit a day wouldn’t be sufficient. Bacalar is a small town known for its calmness and lake. It’s on the lake of Bacalar, it’s called lagoon of seven colors due to its blue and turquoise hues. Uxmal known for Mayan ruins, the Uxmal pyramid is a must-visit and listed on UNESCO world heritage. Tulum is a small town known for beaches and well-preserved ruins with a castle to look upon a place where one can enjoy it all Patagonia is a place that vibrates through its own energy with scenic beauty and captivating the travelers. San Carlos de Bariloche is a large glacial lake by Andes Mountain. You can shop chocolate which is a delight. You can opt for hiking, skiing and much more. Patagonia tours are worth for every explorer. El Chalten is a village where trekker comes to trek for 5-7 days and spend time around the area with winds and beautiful nature surrounded. Valdes Peninsula is a place for a kid where they can watch the Marine life closely right from sea elephant to whales and much more. Frutillar it’s a very calm place to be in if the sky is clear and have a clear view of the volcano. You can try a coffee shop and enjoy the beaches with a scenic view. Enjoy these places with your loved ones and cherish the memories of a lifetime back home.
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