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by on October 1, 2019
So you have set up your online store and having difficulties to drive enough traffic to the website? As you should know an online business or website grows with visitor that it is getting. A website that is not getting traffic has no value in terms of revenue generation. However, good thing is that you can actually generate traffic to your website even if you don’t have any traffic currently. What is more, in order to get traffic to your website, you don’t have to spend any money from your pocket. You just need to invest your time in order to master some of the traffic generation methods so that your website get traffic. So why wait? Get to know about those free website traffic generation techniques that you can easily apply to your website to enjoy the benefits.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is actually the most effective technique to increase website traffic for long term. It will increase traffic to your website in various ways. In order to do SEO for your website, you need to optimize two things mainly. First, you need to work on the on-page SEO factors which deal with refining each page of your website with the right design, keywords, meta tags and so on. Next is the off-page SEO which is more of a long term process that include doing things like web 2.0, guest posting, commenting, and anything that you can do in order to get quality backlinks to your website. Make sure to use natural techniques for off page SEO which is also known as whitehat SEO.

Social Media Marketing
Nowadays almost every people is using different social media platforms. No doubt, social media can be one of the most effective techniques to drive traffic to your website. It is already proven that your website rank higher on search results when its getting shared actively on social media. Whether you're using your Facebook page, Twitter profile, Instagram or any other social media sites, the key is how audience is interacting. To boost the interaction, you should create an interesting page with nice looking photos and videos. This will naturally entice people to interact, share and comment. When interaction will increase, the traffic to your website will also increase naturally.

Blogging effectively
Your blog is perfect for improving SEO because of the way that you can compose rich, legitimate articles loaded with significant data that your group of spectators needs to peruse and has to think about. Web search tools like sites that are refreshed consistently with significant substance. Also, attempt to turn into a visitor blogger. Compose posts for other significant web journals. What's more, make certain to connect to your site in your profile or creator's asset box.

Forum and Commenting
Sign up to industry web journals and when proper and pertinent, remark on new blog entries. Make a point to enroll with the webpage and to incorporate a connect to your site. On the off chance that you give great worth, individual per users of that blog are probably going to visit your site. Obviously, ensure your remarks speak to you and your business appropriately.
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