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New Year is the time to take a fresh new start. People take some resolutions and few people actually tries to follow these resolutions. New Year is also the time to give gifts to your loved ones. Well, we have already shared the ideas for New Year Gifts for girls. This post is dedicated to all those people who are actually trying to find some cool New Year gifts for boys. In this post, we have shared few New Year gift ideas for boys.

1. Gym Accessories
One of the most taken resolution by almost all the guys is that they will hit the gym and take care of their physique. So, give him a reason to follow this resolution. There are many gifts you can gift in this category. From gym related dress to gym gloves, from weight plates to health supplements. You can also give him a membership of a nearby gym as a New Year gift. To make it more special, you can gift it in the gym itself or you can join him for his first day at gym.

2. Headphones
Everyone loves music. Just listening to that one favorite song can change your bad mood. Many people are addicted to music and boys always remains on the top of the list. You can gift him a nice headphones. There are various kinds of headphones available in the market like over the head headphones, in-ear headphones, air tight headphones etc. Make sure that the headphones are of good quality and actually gives soothing sound. You can buy one directly from online stores. He will always remember you whenever he will listen to songs, which means most of the time.

3. Blue ray version of his favorite movie or T.V series
Guys are crazy about their favorite movie and T.V series. When it comes to sci-fiction movies like Interstellar, Star Wars or funny T.V series like The Big bang Theory, guys are ready to watch it even for unlimited time. You can also gift movies made by Marvels and DC as guys are great fan of these franchise. Add a video of yours wishing him New Year or watch the movie with him to make it more special.

4. Running Shoes
No matter if it is a girl or boy, everyone loves shoes. If guys are concerned, running shoes matters more to them. Running shoes comes in different range like one designed for comfort level, one designed for long distance run, designed for sprint etc. The beauty of running shoes is that they can be used for normal wearing too. You can get them online and can order it for one-day delivery.

5. Computer Accessories/Pen drives/Mouse/Hard Disk
Boys are gadget freaks. Computer accessories is always an open option to choose as New Year gift with unique happy new year 2022 wishes. You can even get them customized like names on Pen drive, photos on laptop skins etc. There is a wide range of variety to choose from like mouse, pen drives, laptop skins, joystick, raspberry pi, external hard disk, laptop table, webcam etc.

6. Cocktail Glasses
It may sound weird, but cocktail glasses can also be gifted. So, that he can remember you even when he is not in his senses. You can gift classy vodka classes, stylish champagne glasses or cool beer mug. And not to forget they can also be customized with some awesome quotes on it. You will find many websites dedicated to stuff like this.
This was all about New Year gifts for boys. Let us know which one you are planning to gift him. Happy New Year.
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