Thomas Miller
by on November 14, 2019

Many different industries need and require some type of fire barrier. Of those, the chemical industry faces some unique challenges when it comes to the risk of fire. For this reason, chemical companies must develop and implement the right prevention and protection strategies. Included in that is the installation of a fire partition.

Fire Barrier Vs. Fire Partition

For starters, chemical companies need to understand the difference between these two types of systems. While both offer tremendous benefits, they work in somewhat different ways. When looking at a fire wall, it serves a very specific purpose – preventing fire within a building from spreading to adjacent compartments even if the area of the building on fire collapses.

When comparing a fire barrier vs. fire partition, one of the differences has to do with the rating requirements. As an example, a fire barrier is a structure that provides a one-hour fire-resistance rating at a minimum. Depending on the type of occupancy in a building, that rating can extend up to four hours. In comparison, a fire partition must have a minimum one-hour rating. However, for some occupancies, the one-hour can be decreased to 30 minutes.

Rules for the Chemical Industry

Due to the toxic and flammable substances that a chemical business deals with, owners need to implement the appropriate loss prevention and mitigation techniques. In fact, there is actual information created for this very industry. The overall goal is to decrease the risk of both toxins and fire that could have devastating effects, not only to the building but also to company personnel and other assets.

By comparing a fire barrier vs. fire partition, chemical companies will know which type of fire separation can be used for the different areas of their plant or building . Then they will have the opportunity to limit the amount of material that could become involved should a fire break out. The right fire protection system would also stop structural steel, piping, safety systems, and vessels from failing.

Safety is paramount for the chemical industry. Whether using a fire barrier or a fire partition, a protection system lessens the chance of the spread of toxic or flammable chemicals to adjacent rooms or areas in the building. . Most importantly, the appropriate type of fire protection system gives people ample time to get out of the building, thereby avoiding injury and even loss of life.

Getting Help Choosing the Right System.

Whether you end up with a fire barrier or fire partition, our team of experts at DuraSystems can help you choose the best system for your chemical company. We will look at multiple factors to ensure you have the correct fire separation for your application. For more information , give us a call.

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