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Today’s barbershops are far from the sad-looking kiosks of our grandparents’ era. In fact, today’s barbershops are some of the cutest tickets in town where men go to when they want a close shave, cool cuts, and some great grapevines. Highly-skilled and talented barbers are in high demand especially at barbershops where old-fashioned traditions like cozy Italian barber chairs and classic surroundings still rule.
As the profession of the barbers continues experiencing a renaissance, there is a high demand for great barbers, and this is only expected to grow further. It is a wonderful time to consider becoming a barber, and there are lots of reasons to be one. But before that, you want to have formal training first and even be licensed before you can be employed or open your business in Melbourne. In this article, we take you through the requirements, course content, and everything you need to know about Certificate III in Barbering Melbourne.
Overview of the barber course Melbourne
This course enables you to become a full-fledged barber and learn a wide range of barbering skills as well as hairdressing techniques that will equip you with practical skills to soar in your career. The course duration 9 months and is delivered via a blended model. This means there is both face-to-face and online mode.
By studying this course, you will not only develop specialist barbering skills but also traditional barbering techniques. Learning straight from the captains of the industry, you will also be taught how to promote products and services and consult clients.
• The following are some of the practical skills you will learn from the course:
• Techniques about hair and scalp treatment
• Styling and designing men’s hair and this also includes fades
• Men’s grooming
• Straightening and relaxing hair
• Head and face shaving
• Clipping and scissor techniques, combination men’s cutting, and foundation cutting
To show that you have learned the skills taught and acquired the knowledge that will help you be a successful barber, you will be assessed from time to time. Typically, assessment methods do include practical work with some oral or written tests.
Also, you will be informed in advance regarding the types of assessments you will take, as well as how you will do it. If you want, you can request to be reassessed and even appeal examination results. When it comes to apprenticeship, the assessment may include job assessments.
Why enroll for a certificate in barbering Melbourne?
With the Certificate III in barbering course, you will gain important skills that enable you to create both men’s modern and traditional s hairstyles.
This course provides learners with a wide array of skills, which extend well beyond just the art of cutting hair. Other skills you will learn from this programme include consultation, developed sales, and technical skills to equip you with a wide range of barbering services skills. Also, you will learn to apply judgment and discretion to provide services to clients and take responsibility for our work outcomes.
What are the requirements?
There aren’t strict requirements for enrolling in Certificate III in Barbering and Barber course. But it’s usually recommended to have literacy and numeracy skills to enable you to take the course. You also need to be of legal age to successfully undertake the course.
Another route is to apply after completing VCE or having an approved equivalent course. In addition, you need to be of a mature age and have enough work experience to take the course.
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