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by on November 18, 2019

When you’re growing your business, you’ll need data to lead you in the right direction. Companies who don’t immediately see the importance of Big Data often lead to misusing resources, spending too much time and money on one or a few business improvements and ignoring other key innovations, and slowing down overall business operations, leaving your competitors to get ahead of you.

Your business might be experiencing these situations. But it’s time to innovate and embrace Big Data. One energy company took the step forward to use electrical data to grow their business and continue to satisfy their customers.

Electricity as Big Data

An energy manufacturer based in New York, USA offers electric and thermal energy solutions to the healthcare, hospitality, and educational industries throughout the United States. In order to maintain the quality service to their consumers, they rely on data to ensure that each facility can generate enough electricity to sustain their respective businesses.

But this isn’t ordinary data. They study electrical data and fault analyses to ensure their clients receive electricity and are properly billed for their consumption. With both company growth and the consumer in mind, the company decided to create a partnership with Infinit-O and built a team of research analysts and monitoring specialists for data tracking tasks.

The partnership yielded excellent results. Year on year, the highly-trained team maintains 98% service efficiency and quality accuracy, while resolving issues 90% of the time. They are able to capture one hour’s worth of interval data to create an annual analysis of a customer’s kilowatt usage, while also interpreting monthly downtime and analyzing real-time data for accurate billing. The team also creates a summary of all consumer usage, both produced and consumed, for electric, thermal, and gas energy types.

With the team interpreting the numbers at the back end, engineers and operators help their prospective customers use their power generation solutions and maintain successful relationships with current customers. This then helps the company grow and innovate as their market starts to evolve.

Big Data worked for them in the end, but will it for you? Here are 5 reasons why you need to embrace Big Data today.

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