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by on November 28, 2019
Similar to their content Marvel also delivers the same level of excitement to their fans, this time, they are coming with the project that will showcase the 20 never seen before scenes of their earlier films. The Infinity Saga is an upcoming Marvel film that will come with a box featuring 20 deleted scenes from the previous movies of Marvel Studios.
They released their first project back in 2008 with a consecutive number of films releasing every year worldwide. This will be the end of their 11th year, and they are in planning to say Merry Christmas and New year to everyone by releasing their 23rd film known as Infinity Saga. They have confirmed that they will show a tribute to the end of this saga by a huge box with all the movies created by Marvel. This limited period edition will contain all the 23 movies of Marvel, and it will be available on Blu-ray, Digital, and 4K, including Autographs of all the Six Avengers, a special message from Kevin Feign and much more.
As written above, there are several exclusive scenes available on the box movies that are never shown before. The excitement will take you back to watch all their films again to witness the deleted scenes. A piece of sad news for the Marvels fan is that Marvel has only made 4000 limited edition boxes. If you are eager to buy it, then you need to pay 500$ though the price made it rare. There are a lot of Marvels fans that can’t afford even to think about 500$ sum, and the distribution for them has already started. To cure your excitement, we have already written below the major deleted scenes that are added in the Infinity Saga box.
IRON MAN: Scene where Nick Fury talks about Mutants
The scene is added into the IRON MAN film in which Fury mentioned about Mutants directly to Tony started. In its previous version, he mentioned radioactive bug bites, “gamma accidents, and assorted mutants. This deleted scene is a quite humorous one as it disrespects the Spider-Man and the X-men, but now Marvel has changed this scene to sort of paying respect.
IRON MAN 2: Tony Stark’s father Howard Stark recorded message being played
After watching this scene you would wonder why Marvel removed this scene as it is entirely emotional and needed support for our hero. In the final version of the film, Marvel showed Howard Stark, a father, recording a message for Tony to show him in future, but eventually, the scene never showed. They just proceeded with the story to showcase his father holding Tony as a child in his arms. The scene is a must add up and now you can see it as well.
THOR: WARRIORS 3 first time on Earth
This scene is from the Thor movie when lady Sif and Warrior’s arrive in Mexico and Volstagg lifts a car to help a kid in bringing back his baseball. Then Volstagg said to his native Asgardians about the changes that Earth has been through for the last 1000 years and about his hungriness, which sniff out the kindness. After that, Volstagg witnessed two agents spying on them, then he climbs to the roof of a nearby building and knocks the agents out.
AVENGERS 2: CAPTAIN MARVEL appearing in the end
This is one of the most discussed scenes that has been deleted by the Marvels Studio, as they wanted to hide their original plan for Avengers: Age of Ultron’s ending. The scene is quite similar to that one as Captain America, and Black Widow entering Avenger’s headquarters to meet their new team. Everything remains the same till Scarlet Witch and Vision have a joint entrance rather than solo entrances. Captain Marvel appeared to mark her addition to the new Avengers team.
ANT-MAN: Deleted Bathroom scene
Several scenes can be an alternative to Scott Lang putting an Ant-Man suit in the bathroom. The scene shows Ant-Man going to his bathtub wearing the Ant-Man suit and deforming into the size of an ant. In the newly added scene, they have featured Scott’s impression of Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver movie. He acts like he is riding a bike or doing a C-3PO, playing guitar, and a bit of dancing in his bathroom. The scene is definitely funnier than the previous one.
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