by on December 2, 2019
As the usage of mobile phones is increasing, people's adaption to technology is also on the rise. Evolution almost simplified people's expectations and helped them to receive their needs at their expected time. Before, even the educated parents were in search of hiring tutors and institutions due to a lack of resources to provide the best education for their kids. But now, the worry is no more. The inception of the on-demand tutor app erased away the efforts that people put to find the right guidance for their children. Besides, it created many job opportunities for teachers quickly.
Moreover, the business became one of the lucrative in the market. Many entrepreneurs and service providers started to build the app to get a profitable income. Even mobile app development companies started to offer this solution at low prices to help low-budget startups.
If you are interested in starting a revenue-building business, then opting to build an on-demand tutor app will be propitious. Since the app allows you to gain profits via,
2. Service fee
3. Advertisements, and much more.
App development companies like Uber like app are now offering this white-label solution at your budget with an open customization option. It allows you to manage and control every option without any complicated functions. Also, they provide a few other extraordinary feature integrations like,
1. In-app payments
2. Multi-booking slots
3. Referral programs
4. Availability toggle
5. Track tutor
6. Reviews and ratings, etc.
If you have planned anything new to add, you can discuss your ideas with the developers; they will structure the application and deliver the best as you desired.
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