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SEO is a tactic that boosts traffic to your property management site. Ideally, you want your website to rank on the first page of Google and other search engines when potential customers type in keywords that are relevant to your business-since most users will never make it to page two.

However to make your website the best possible for the first impression, here are a few common SEO-related issues we’ve seen on property management websites, along with it we have shared how to improve them to increase more organic traffic.

1.            SERP’s cannot easily crawl your site

A property management website ‘crawlability’ is important if you want to rank high on search results. To make is possible to let search engine spiders crawl your site, be sure to avoid broken links and make your URL, Meta title, description, and content keyword-rich. Make sure your metas should be specific to the location of your property management company Wesley Chapel .

2.            Your site isn’t mobile-optimized

Today, more than 64% of people use their smartphones to browse the internet. That means your website has to be mobile-friendly. Since mobile devices have smaller screens and users navigate with a tap of a finger rather than clicking a mouse. A mobile-friendly website incorporates design elements that are easy to use on any device.

3.            Your site takes too long to load

Site speed also matters in SEO rankings. To ensure that the property management Wesley Chapel, always ask your web design company to use fully mobile-responsive templates that are optimized for page speed and audited using Google PageSpeed insights, an automated online tool for improving the quality of web pages.

4.            Your site isn’t geared towards local users

For property management websites, local SEO tactics have always played an important role. Many property managers make their SEO strategy to reach too broad, especially when companies have a business in multiple regions, ‘’says Greg Azbell, the Manager of Websites Onboarding at Appfolio.

To make sure your best property management Wesley Chapel  website shows up for users who are searching for services in your area, the content of your site should be specific to the region or city. Typically, you should have a separate URL on your site for each listing or property so that the content on that page would be highly targeted to the location.

5.            Your site isn’t trustworthy

A website that is not credible is not going to rank high. Search engines like Google understand credibility by looking at a few factors including, the security features, users’ navigation, bounce rate and authority conveyed by external links from quality websites to your domain.

To establish credibility, never purchase links, create content like blog posts, purchase an SSL certificate, link out to other sites to give your visitors more information.

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