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by on December 9, 2019
A train that connects National Capital to Kerala via various states like Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka. It is categorized as a Superfast train that sprint about 3,073 km on taking a halt at 46 stations. This train is serving from 1998 to the Indian Railways and the passengers travelling in Indian Railways. This train passes through various major cities and halts there. The 12618 Mangala Express train route is given below : Jhansi Junction:- It is one of the historic cities of India, it is located in Uttar Pradesh. Jhansi is situated on an elevation of 285 meters above sea level. This city was founded by the Raja of Orchha, and it is named for the cantonment of Orchha. Orchha is located in Madhya Pradesh and famous for the temple of Lord Ram, which is situated in Orchha. The total population of Jhansi is about 5,47,638, which is recorded in the survey of Census 2011. The literacy rate of Jhansi is 83.02% and the sex ratio is 890 per 1000 males. Bina Junction:- Bina is situated in the district of Sagar in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is also considered as the center for economic and industrial activities of Madhya Pradesh. The approx elevation of this city is about 413 meters above sea level. The total area that is covered by Bina is about 42 km² and a total population of 1,75,967. It was known as Etawa in the past. The name was of a village that was present in that area. Bhopal:- Bhopal is the capital of the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is nicknamed as the City of Lakes, as there are various natural and artificial lakes that are situated here. It is ranked 16th in India and 131st in World in the category of largest cities. It was founded in the year 1707, the total area covered by this city is about 285.88 km², and a total population of 17,98,218. The density according to the data is near about 3,887/km². The demonyms of Bhopal is called Bhopali. The literacy rate of Bhopal is about 85.24%. The railway station of Bhopal is located near Nadra bus stand having 6 platforms and 9 tracks that handle the pressure of Trains. It was established in the year of 1910, about 109 years ago. The electrification work is also completed on that route. The average of passengers is about 60,000 per day on this station. When the Konkan railway was not started the terminating station of Mangala Express was Mangaluru. After the route was completed the train was extended to Ernakulam Junction. The timing of this train from Nizamuddin is, it leaves the station at 09:15 and reached to Ernakulam junction at 10:15 on the third day of its journey. During its journey, the average speed with the inclusion of halts is 63 km/hr with a maximum speed of 120 km/hr.
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