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by on December 9, 2019

Your swimming pool should be an extension of your living space. Might be it will be a gathering place. Whether you’re looking to create an outdoor environment or a tranquil or a fun-filled area for your little ones, friends and family to spend time, your best pool builders in Phoenix Az like Aqua Clean Pool & Spas can make your dreams a reality with the addition of a few key features.


There’s no better way to boost the ‘’wow’’ factor of your pool than with the addition of a beautiful waterfall. With so many ways to incorporate a waterfall into your design, there’s no reason not to! For a more serene setting, choose a sleek design without a lot of splashes to get comforting sounds of a waterfall and allow the tranquility that you seek. If you want to add some excitement to your pool, add a waterfall to rock wall or waterslide.

Swim-up Bar

There’s nothing more refreshing than enjoying a drink or coffee poolside with snacks- except enjoying a drink while actually in the pool! Imagine, if you have an in-pool bar where you can prepare, site and drink your favorite beverages. No more trips to the kitchen just make the bar set up as simple as you want. Don’t forget the little cocktail umbrella!

Lounge Ledge

Your  best pool builders in Phoenix Az  recommend you to have a tanning ledge for an excellent pool upgrade. These ledges are typically only a few inches deep but they allow you to enjoy the water without getting too deep. It’s a perfect feature for families with young children, elder people or those who simply want to soak up the sun.


A hot tub near the pool is an excellent way to warm up on a cool night, but what do you think about adding a fireplace? Fireplaces add a warm yet stylish element to any outdoor space of the home. But, when placed next to a swimming pool, the combination is unbeatable! Consider a double-sided fireplace next to your swimming pool. Those who are in the pool can experience an amazing view of a fireplace while that outside can roast marshmallows. It’s an excellent addition to your yard! 

Custom Lighting

Lighting is everything whether it’s inside the home and outside. Lighting can completely change the feel of your pool. From soft-glowing underwater lights to color changing LEDs with music, custom lighting will breathe life into your pool and add a luxurious touch that you and your guests will love.

Why wait? Creating a space that you want to be in is an important part of the pool design process. If you’re unsure which are the best options for your pool, ask the Aqua Clean Pools and Spas experts!  We are experts in swimming pool designs in Phoenix. Schedule an appointment today or visit to get ideas for your future pool.

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