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Do you feel your vaping habits is breaking your bank? Well, vaping is a costly hobby, and you are not the only one who feels that way. There are thousands of other smokers who managed to make the switch successfully but is having problems keeping up their bank balance. Ejuice or e-liquid, in particular, is very expensive, so we sat one day and decided to come up with something to produce the best cheap vape and thus was born. We believe we are doing a good deed by producing cheap e juice to fulfil your vaping needs without compromising the quality. was found in 2012 with only a handful of members who were willing to work hard to bring the  Best vapor fluid to the customers. We are an online vape shop based in North Georgia offering 300 flavours of ejuice at dirt cheap prices! If you do not come to us for the cheap prices, our yummy ejuice will surely attract you!

No middleman involved
Low prices do not always mean low quality. We have figured out a way to keep our prices low by eliminating the middleman in the process. We sell to our customers directly, which means we do not have to pay commission to the middleman because of which we can offer your such cheap vape deals! We do not like making our customers wait for long. You order a vaping ejuice at our shop today, and it will be at your doorstep the very next day. Yes, we are that fast, maybe not as fast as The Flash, but pretty fast!

#vapesafe is our motto
When we founded the company in 2012, we had only one goal that is to not compromise on the ingredients used in manufacturing the vape ejuice, and we can tell you proudly that we have been able to keep that up till now. We only use 4 ingredients which are absolutely vape safe. The recipes and the process that is used to create the ejuice are also completely vape safe so that you can order from without any worries!

We believe sharing is caring!
At, we believe in sharing. The more you share our cheap vape ejuice with your friends, the more discount offers and deals we are gonna send your way! So every time you buy our vape ejuice, do not forget to share it and let your friends know where you got it from. To give you a kickstart, we also offer new customers first-time order discounts on all our vape ejuice and other vaping products! Just drop us your email id, and you will find a surprise the next day.
Did we forget to mention that we also sell wholesale vape ejuice and vape products? If you want to buy ejuice in bulk, you know who to contact!

Refer to our blogs to know about DIY vape ejuice and DIY vape e-liquid ideas. We also give you tips on how to vape safe.

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