Haseeb Rahman
by on December 17, 2019
Sanghmitta was the daughter of the great Ashoka, she spread Buddhism all around India, for that she travelled to Sri Lanka with her brother. She was born in 281 BC in Ujjaini and died in 202 BC in Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka. She was popularly known for Establishing a Theravada Buddhist nunnery in Sri Lanka. The Sanghamitra Express was also named on the daughter of Ashoka - the Great. This train is considered as the longest distance travelling train of South Western Railway Zone. It is coded as 12295 as UP and 12296 as DOWN, the first service of this train was started from 1 Jan 1988. The total distance travelled by this train to create a link between both the cities is about 2698 km. The fare from Danapur to Bengaluru and to various other halts is described below : Dildarnagar Junction ( DLN ):- It is a town and Nagar Panchayat in the district of Ghazipur of Uttar Pradesh. It is situated on an elevation of 73 meters above sea level and the population of this town is about 20,267 according to the census survey of 2001. The official language of this town is Hindi and PIN is 232326. The fare from Danapur to Dildarnagar is 187 of sleeper class, 575 of 3AC and 780 of 2AC. Maihar ( MYR ):- It is a town located in the district of Satna of Madhya Pradesh state. The temple of SHARDA is very famous of Maihar which is located on Trikuta Hill. The elevation of Maihar is about 367 meters above sea level and the population is about 40,192 according to the census 2011. Gola Math temple which is in the name of Lord Shiva was also situated in the Maihar. The fare of 12296 from Danapur to Maihar is about 345 of sleeper class, 910 of 3AC and 1285 of 2AC. Sewagram Junction ( SEGM ):- It is the place where Mahatma Gandhi was the resident here till his death. Mahatma Gandhi lived here in his Ashram from 1936 to 1948 till his death. This town is located in the district of Wardha on an elevation of 279 meters above the sea level. The population of this town is near about 8000 and the official language is Marathi. This was established by Gandhiji in April 1936 with his wife. Firstly it was named as Segaon which was renamed by Sewagram, which means the village of service. He was 67 years old when he first came to this village. The small homes of these villages is turned down into Ashrams for Gandhi couple. The fare from Danapur to Sewagram Junction is about 575 for sleeper class, 1520 for 3AC and 2200 for 2AC. Warangal ( WL ):- It is situated in the state of Telangana and was founded by the Kakatiya Dynasty in 1163. It is located on an elevation of 271 meters above sea level. The population of this city is about 6,15,998. The fare between Danapur and Warangal is about 670 for sleeper class, 1770 for 3AC, 2575 for 2AC. The above described is the Sanghamitra express fare and platform various stations.
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