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by on December 21, 2019
Teen Patti is a popular gambling card game, which was originated from India but has quickly gained prominence across South Asia. It is a simplified form of poker. It is a multiplayer online card game which can be played live anywhere at any time in the world. Being played with around 3 players together, this game will require each and everyone to put in an equal amount of money or chips in a pot. Here the gamers will aim to play the best three-cards hand. The winner is the one who remains and plays their best hand till the end.
Teen Patti Gameplay
Just similar to poker games, Teen Patti begins the games by placing a bet. Usually, there is a set amount which has to be wagered prior to the dealing of the cards. Once the player has fixed the bet, the dealer starts dealing the face-down cards. Once the player and the dealer collect their three cards, the next phase is making a call or a raise. Poker players are familiar with both these terms; call means which the player stays in the game, but doesn’t raise their bet. Raise is adding cash in the pot and so , risking to either win or lose more than the initial wager.
However, it is important to point out which betting on Teen Patti is different from betting on other poker games. Teen Patti requires which all wagers should be even amounts; this means that if, for example, a player has placed a bet of 2 coins and then another player bet 4 coins, the previous player must place additional 4 coins contrary to adding only 2 to the former 2. It is quite interesting which both call and raise on Teen Patti are often assigned to as chaal.
Variations of the game
There are many variations applicable for online Teen Patti on various casinos in India. Some of the most general variations are as follows:
Best of Four: Here four cards are dealt in case of the normal three and finally the best possible three-card hand is needed to make from the four cards.
Mufliss (Lowball): A simple twist here where the rankings of the cards have reversed.
Wild Draw: After the cards have been dealt the dealer would take off one random card and all cards of the same rank would be wild.
Low Wild: Each player’s minimum ranking card in that hand only is considered a wild.
High Wild: Same as Low wild only which in this case the highest-ranking cards become wild cards.
Two-lowest wild: Each player has handled four cards and the two lowest-ranking cards are termed as wild cards in the player’s hand itself. Middle ranking cards are not treated as a wild card.
Bust Card Draw: The Dealer would essentially draw a random card that would be the call of death for anyone who has that card in their hand as they would have to fold.
There are many more variations such as:
Kaana King and Jack
High-low Split
How to win
Teen Patti might seem like an easy game. But, it’s far from simple. The betting procedure is twisted and new players could find it outright challenging. This is why it is prominent to learn the sure-fire tactics of winning Teen Patti online, especially when playing for real money and wish to win big. If you’re a blind player, you should know when to see your cards. If you’re betting, you should learn when to raise or fold. Bluffing is part and parcel of the game and only the perfect combination of skill and luck can help you win. To quote an Indian Teen Patti lover, you required to play the game to learn the game!
Teen Patti game development
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