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by on December 23, 2019
The communication skills of your child are very important especially when it is time for them to leave the comfort zone of your home and experience the world outside. You must always remember that while they learn from others and other things around them too, children, for the most part, will pick up communication from their parents a lot of the time. This is why it is encouraged that parents try their level best to develop great communicating skills with the child so that it helps them grow and communicate successfully and positively. These communication skills that everyone is talking about are not just simply talking and forming sentences. They also have to do with behaviour, intelligence,and body language as well as facial expressions. Here are some of the ways in which you as a parent can improve the communication skills of your child.

Take Them Outside With You

One of the best ways in which you can ease a child into going to kindergarten for the first time and help them to communicate with people and also respond to situations outside the house will be to get them to come outside with you for a walk way before they are due to start school. The shock value of stepping outside the boundaries of the house will then be reduced. You can buy good quality prams from reliable suppliers. Having one of these is what you need to take your child out on strolls where you point out various things to them, tell them what they are and talk to them throughout. They may not respond if they are not talking yet but they do learn, listen and remember.

Read To Them at Night

You also need to try and read to them as much as possible. You may be really tired after running around the whole day and might actually be nodding off a bit yourself but whenever you can as much as possible try to read baby books with your children before they go off to sleep. It will be the last thing that their mind works on before they fall asleep and it will definitely retain in their minds. When you read to them not only are they learning normal communication and getting to send some quality time with you but also they learn the different tones of voice that you use, facial expressions and they also get to learn how they can explain something to somebody. These are all very important things for a growing child to understand and grasp.

Be Patient

Can you remember the day when you said your first word, read your first book o recited your first nursery rhyme? You may not remember them clearly. These are big milestones that naturally need to happen with time. Let your child take their time grasping words before they talk, they are still learning. Do not pressure them and discourage them from actually learning things in the right way. Be patient and know that this will take a lot of time sometimes.
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