Mia davis
by on January 2, 2020
Halo: Reach requires the players to find the hidden Data Pads in the game region. There is a total number of 19 Data Pads which are comprised of favourable information for the players. Players can attain 9 Data Pads by playing on any Difficulty mode, whereas the remaining 10 can be obtained while playing on the Legendary difficulty mode. Players who are looking for attaining information about the location of these Data Pads must follow the below-written details regarding them. Data Pad 1 and 2: Winter Contingency Legendary Difficulty: Players can find the Data Pad in the initial of this level, they need to find the Covenant Elite, and on the back of the Elite, players can find the Datapad. Any Difficulty: Once players defeat several Elites, they will be rewarded with vehicles that can take the players to the Data Pad. Data Pad 3 and 4: Sword Base Legendary Difficulty: Players can locate this Data Pad in the Warthog section. Any Difficulty: Players need to head to the fourth floor of the Sword Base where they can attain the Data Pad. Data Pad 5 and 6: Nightfall Legendary Difficulty: Players need to go to Rally Point Alpha checkpoint, and there needs to fight with the enemies. Once they have successfully defeated all the enemies, then they need to visit Crouch Jump near the river. Players need to cross the bridge over the river, and there they will find Data Pad. Any Difficulty: Players can locate the Data Pad at the beginning of this level; they just need to take the first right beside the wall and then take a left to reach Data Pad. Data Pad 7 and 8: Tip of the Spear Legendary Difficulty: Players need to visit the highway, which is being collapsed in Rally point Alpha Checkpoint. There on one of the pillars of the highway, players can get the Data Pad. Any Difficulty: This Data Pad can be found in the building of mining. Data Pad 9 and 10: Long Night of Solace Legendary Difficulty: Players need to head to the Sabre ship and then take the stairs. There is a platform which is being lightened up by a bulb. Players can get Data Pad there. Any Difficulty: On this level, players need to visit Launch Facility, and there in the final room, players can successfully attain Datapad. Data Pad 11 and 12: Exodus Legendary Difficulty: Players need to attain the Jetpack from Rally Point Alpha, and then head to the courtyard lies between two buildings. Kill all the enemies and successfully obtain the available Data Pad. Any Difficulty: Players need to go to the corner where three Brutes lies and above of these brutes, Data Pad is located. Data Pad 13 and 14: New Alexandria Legendary Difficulty: The Data Pad is located near a window of the building, which is located in Falcon. Any Difficulty: Players can find this Data Pad in Falcon near the skyscraper, which has three antennas. Data Pad 15 and 16: The Package Legendary Difficulty: Players need to head to the Rally Point Bravo Checkpoint, and there they need to move to the bridge. There at the backside of the rock, players need to use their Jetpack to attain the Data Pad from the other side. Any Difficulty: This database is located inside the elevator section of Destroyed Base. Data 17 and 18: Pillar of Autumn Legendary Difficulty: Players need to go to the Shipyard building and then head to the very next building. The Data Pad is located on the roof of that building. Any Difficulty: Players need to head to the shipping yard and then move to the glass window building, which appears as several offices. Data Pad is located in that building. Data Pad 19: Lone Wolf Legendary Difficulty: This is the final Data Pad, which is located inside the pipes. Players can attain it from the left section of the pipe where there is a fence. It is on the other side of the fence. Source :- Mia Davis is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Norton security products at
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