Haseeb Rahman
by on January 8, 2020
Mangala Express is one of the two trains that connects New Delhi to Kerala daily, the other one is Kerala Express. It is coded as 12617/12618 in the list of Indian Railways. The first service of this train was started in 1998 about 21 years ago. At that time it was running to Konkan, but later on, it was extended to Ernakulam Junction. The current operator of this train is Indian Railways, that starts this train from Hazrat Nizamuddin and ended its journey at Ernakulam Junction. The total distance that is travelled by this train is about 3,073 km and it is covered in 49 hr of time. There are four categories of coaches available in this train, AC tier 2, AC tier 3, Sleeper Class, General Class. In this train, passengers can get the benefits of seating arrangements, sleeping arrangements, catering facilities, observation facilities, and many other facilities. The average operating speed of this train is 63 km/hr. with a maximum of about 110 km/hr. Before the construction of the Konkan Railway, this train was running between Mangalore and Delhi. The time of leaving Nizamuddin railway station of this train is 09:15 and arriving at Ernakulam Junction is at 10:15. The halting station of this train is given below : Faridabad:- The railway station of Faridabad is located at the New Industrial Township of Faridabad, it is located at an elevation of 206 meters above the sea level. This station is owned by Indian Railways and Operated by Northern Railways. The railway line that passes through this station is the Agra-Delhi chord. It is made up of 4 platforms that handles the burden of trains and passengers on it. The structure of this station is of the standard type that lies on the ground. The establishment of this station was completed in 1904 which was electrified in 1985. Mangala Express arrives here on platform no. 3 at 09:32 and departs at 09:34. Morena:- It is a small railway station located in the District of Morena of Madhya Pradesh. The code of this station is MRA in the list of Indian Railways. The location of this station is at SH-2, station road of Morena and at an elevation of 176 meters above the sea level. The railway station of Morena is made up with 3 platforms and 4 tracks. Some major trains that passes through this railway station are New Delhi-Habibganj Shatabdi Express, Chhattisgarh Express, Jhelum Express, Ujjaini Express, and many more others. Mangala Express arrives here on platform no. 1 at 13:22 and departs at 13:24. Khandwa Junction:- This junction is located at Khandwa of Madhya Pradesh state. It is located at an elevation of about 310 meters above sea level. The railway lines of Howrah-Allahabad-Mumbai, Jabalpur-Bhusaval passes through this station. It is made up of 5 platforms and 12 tracks that handles the burden of trains and passengers travelling through this station. We have given the above 12618 Mangala Express train route and timings. .
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