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by on January 13, 2020
Deep-fried leads, though look good, are purely unhealthy.
Life insurance agents have a proposed life of struggle in finding leads, especially with the kind of lead flows from their companies. No doubt that it cuts down the time spent on comparing lead providers and lead costs, but the company throttles on the agent and dramatically reduces your commission for the “favor” they made them.
If you would ask what’s notable in life insurance leads from third-party providers, you may never get disappointed with the quality of leads. But, there’s more to it. Let’s understand what and how they help you.
Based on your request for leads & specified geographical location, the third-party gives a fresh stack of leads after paying an upfront price. Unlike common employers, you don’t have to part a heavy chunk of your commission here.
Clarity of information brings a resplendent feeling in agents working hard for earning commissions on their leads. Specific information like age, income, desired benefit amount & plan helps you understand the psyche of a potential customer.
Exclusive & non-exclusive leads offer a solid opportunity to harness your talent and convert those insurance leads into lifetime customers. Though exclusive leads are expensive, they face less competition in the market.
As an experienced agent with a high closing rate, the upfront costs would only be a small fraction of the percentage you earn. However, we would recommend only experienced agents to take this one. For more details :
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