Haseeb Rahman
by on January 14, 2020
It is one of the trains that connect West Bengal to Telangana via Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. This train was started in 1994 by the Indian Railways. The current operator of this train is the South Central Railway Zone. The Originate station of this train is Secunderabad and it terminates at the station of Howrah Junction. The name of this refers to a Persian word that means Reflection of Sky or Heaven. It is considered as a Superfast train just because of its average speed which is about 60 km/hr. It also takes maximum speed of about 110 km/hr at some circumstances. This train consists of massive 24 standard ICF coaches that takes passengers to their journey. The total distance travelled by this train is about 1,554 km and it is travelled in a duration of about 25 hr and 45 minutes. The service of this train is gettable daily to the passenger by Indian Railways. The halting stations of Falaknuma Express is described below : Guntur Junction:- It is coded as GNT, and it is situated on the section of Krishna Canal - Guntur, it is situated in the division of Guntur Railway. Guntur railway station is owned by Indian Railways and operated by South Coast Railway Zone. The railway lines that pass through this station are Guntur-Tenali, Guntur-Krishna, Guntur-Macherla, Pagidipalli-Nallapadu, Nallapadu-Nandyal. It is located at an elevation of about 675 meters above sea level. It includes 8 platforms and 10 tracks that handles the halting of trains. This railway station is well connected to the Bus stand and Taxi stand located outside the railway station. The structure of this Guntur railway station is of the On-ground type, it has the facilities of parking and wheelchair for disabled also on this station. Guntur railway station was opened in 1916 and handles the traffic of more than 37 million passengers yearly travelling through this station. Vijayawada Junction:- This junction is coded as BZA and categorized as Non-Suburban Grade 2 railway station. It falls in the division of the Vijayawada railway division. It is located at an elevation of about 19 meters above sea level. It is operated by the Indian Railways and situated on the lines of Howrah-Chennai mainline, New Delhi - Chennai mainline. It is made up of 10 platforms and 22 tracks and the structure of this station is of standard type. Parking, Bicycle facility, disabled access is also available on this station. Vijayawada railway station was established in 1888 and holds about 51 million traffic every year. Several satellite railway stations to this station are Gannavaram, Gunadala, Krishna Canal Junction, Kondapalli, Madhura Nagar, Nidamanuru, Ramavarappadu and Rayanapadu. There are more than 258 passengers trains and 150 freight trains that pass through this station. On an average more than 1.40 lakh passengers travels daily through this station. All trains passing through this station on average takes about 15-20 minutes for the stoppage here. The above mentioned is the Falaknuma Express 12704 route .
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