Haseeb Rahman
by on January 16, 2020
Indian Railways started a train named after the daughter of Emperor Ashoka's daughter Sanghamitra on 1st January 1988. It is operated by the Southern Western Railway, a branch of Indian Railways. This train is categorized as a superfast train that runs at an average speed of 56 km/hr, with a maximum of 110 km/hr in between Vijayawada and Warangal. The Coaches of this train is divided into various classes like AC tier 2, AC tier 3, Sleeper Class, Unreserved, Pantry Car. Sanghamitra expresses also includes various facilities like Catering and arrangements of Sleeping and Seating arrangements. This train travels through the major states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh. It travels more than 26 hundreds of km within a duration of 48 hr and 20 min. We will get more facilities in this train. For example, in a first-class coach, we will get a well-fitted bed and clean blankets. Toilets of this coach are also neat and clean, which do not belong to any other coach. This train takes about 35 stops between Bengaluru and Danapur railway station. This train starts from Bengaluru and ends at Danapur Junction. The time table of this train is like this, it leaves the Bengaluru station at 9 am and reaches Danapur at 9:05 am on the third day. Some of the facilities available in this train are as follows, we can book food from a moving train at any coming station. Some of the applications which provide food in the train are as follows. TravelKhana: - This application provides facility to eat in about 250 cities and 4000 trains in India. Any passenger can ask for food on his seat Jai, just for that they will have to order food by visiting the website or app of Travelkhana. To order food, a passenger must have written the number, in which the coach and the seat have written, will be given all this on the Travelkhana app. After that, you will have to give all the information of your choice and the station at which you want to say. Travelkhana will give you very tasty and nutritious food, and that too at a reasonable price. Travelkhana gives food to the passengers as well as gives some information related to the train. Like which train will go to our destination, whether it has a seat or not, how long it is running, where it has reached so far and so much more. Like if we are traveling from Sanghamitra and we have to have lunch at Satna Junction. So we will book food from the Travelkhana app or its website and it will provide us food at our seat at Satna Junction. Many passengers have asked for food from this app and they are all very satisfied with its service. Now they also advise all other travelers to ask for food from Travelkhana. We can also take all these facilities in Sanghamitra Express.
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