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by on January 16, 2020
As the physical body of a women changes rapidly during pregnancy, their whole dressing style has to be changed up as well. Being pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot dress in your usual stylish manner. It only means that your style has to be adjusted to hug your new curves and not hide away your growing baby bump. Gone are the days when women wore baggy clothes to hide away the bump. Now it’s all about flaunting it. Dressing well during pregnancy can boost up a mother’s confidence and mood, helping them to have a pleasant pregnancy. This in turn can prevent complications such as postpartum depression which may affect both the mother and baby.

Comfort Is Important

Buy a lot of basic articles of clothing that would be comfortable and also essential to style up your wardrobe. This includes tops, t shirts, jeans, dresses and cardigans. Also have maternity swimwear and gym wear in case you decide to go for a swim or exercise and keep healthy. These basic articles of clothing can be styled up when you feel like it. But if you wish to keep it simple, they would be enough on their own.

Jeans for pregnancy have elastic bands around the waist and tops have openings that are easily accessible for breastfeeding. So it is best to shop from a place that sells clothes specifically for such women rather than going for normal large clothes. You can even use these clothes after delivery during the postpartum period so it won’t be a waste.

Shoes Can Be Tricky

Ankle swelling is a symptom of pregnancy due to which heels might not be so comfortable anymore. But you can always wear a pair of wedges or block heels to style up your look and also make it comfortable on your feet. Also to avoid any falls which can be quite dangerous during pregnancy, you can opt for flats or small heeled shoes. Make sure they are the proper size and can accommodate your swollen ankles.

Know What Not To Wear

There are some clothes that you may not be able to wear during your pregnancy. It’s more about convenience actually. For example, dungarees can make your baby bump look very cute but since you have to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes in the latter part of your pregnancy it might not be the best option. You have to take the whole thing off every time you want to use the toilet. Also stay away from horizontal stripes as this can be unflattering. Don’t accessorise with too many necklaces and other pieces of jewelry as this can be quite uncomfortable.

Pregnancy is an exciting time in any women’s life as they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the newcomer. However, it makes women undergo so many changes in their physical bodies that their clothes have to change from their usual style. Take a note from above to find out how you can still look your best while pregnant.
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