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by on January 22, 2020
Did you just mix up nano rings of hair extensions to that of finger rings? Don’t worry; you are not the only individual to think that way. Nano ring hair extensions or micro rings or nano rings are the latest trends of the extension industry. There are some individuals who want their extension to be natural and should not come in the eyes of their friend circle. To address this, designers took out micro hair extensions as the most modern undetectable solutions. If you want to know the different facets of micro rings, then you should read this.

Types of Hair Extensions that you often miss out

There are different varieties of hair extensions that you normally skip. But, get them here in a bunch of pointers.

LA Weave:

For women having long and natural straight hairs, La Weave suits them. This hair extension completely bends with the long sections of hair without blunt ends. The price of a La Weave hair extension comes at a reasonable rate.

Pre Bonded:

Attached to keratin bonds at the tip of hair extension, pre-bonded ones are the most popular extensive processes. This extension sits well with all kinds of hair and offers a secure extension method.

Nano Rings:

Nano rings that are a mirror image of micro rings are the modern method of adding volume to natural hair. The rings are almost 90% smaller than considered, which makes them undetectable in the natural hair of men or women.

Apart from these forms of hair extensions, the regular extensions are micro ring wefts and tapes. You can consult with your hair expert and fix the one that suits your hair type.

Benefits of Nano/Micro hair Extensions

Unlike other weaving methods, micro or nano hair extensions will never damage your hair. The nano extensions will never rip your hair out from the roots.

The strands of nano hair extensions are put in a way that goes along with the natural strands of hair. This allows managing the hair properly with fewer tangles.

The nano hair extensions can be used for a longer period of time. They can be reused and removed at any point in time. 

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