hamza siddique
by on January 22, 2020
There's nothing like a pair of Mens leather pants, to put a sexy, rugged finishing touch on an outfit for everyday dress, clubbing or the leather bar. At Leather Baba, we have a wide array of leather pants available with silhouettes to suit every taste. You can opt for relaxed fit, jean, skinny leg and fetish styles or pick one of our racing options for padding to protect you on your bike. All of the leather pants are made to measure out of the finest genuine leather. Fashion and function unite in the design of the Storm Rider Racing Leather Pants For Motorcycle Riding, a pair of pants that will keep you safe when you're on the track or the highway and allow you to look stylish everywhere else. Like classic motocross pants, these leather trousers have extra padding at the knees with attractive horizontal quilted stitching. Zippers that run from the knee to the hem make it easy to wear these pants over top of your racing boots. A flat front with a snap closure maintains the sleek aesthetic, and the design includes a pair of zip pockets at the hip. The Motorcycle pants can be made to your exact size and style specifications from two colors of leather and a contrast piping color of your choosing.
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