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by on January 24, 2020
Aquaculture, also known as pisciculture is steadily growing in India. The appetite for fish and seafood is increasing rapidly for many years now. The peaking in fish catch has led the world to turn to aquaculture, where the fish grows in an artificial environment. Fish farming has evolved to meet the growing demand for fish. Aquaculture is a practice of rearing fish in close tanks or ponds. These days fish farming can be as sustainable as poultry or cattle farming. Here are few tips on how you can boost your Aquaculture Business in India, suggested by Avitech Nutrition: in a sustainable way:
Firstly, you need to select a breed that is more profitable, yet takes less effort to grow, and is less susceptible to damage. Aquaculture helps in meeting the food requirement of the world so that we do not deplete the marine population. The biggest advantage with India is that a very large population of India consumes fish as part of their daily diet. This has created a huge demand for fresh fish. Great demand produces great income. The price of fish ensures that the grower gets a steady income from this.
Remember to invest in technology. Type of pond has a direct impact on the quality of the fish produced. Small nursery ponds are for small spawns. Rearing tanks are for new hatchling, which are not yet adults. Stocking ponds are to grow fishes to a size where they can fetch you some profit.
Selecting the fish breed is an important step in your aquaculture business. You can choose between freshwater fish or salt-water fish or ornamental fish. Your fishpond should have water suitable for the selected breed to grow. Many aqua farmers have derived huge profits growing catla, catfish, rohu etc. in India. Ornamental variants, which have more value, are goldfish, freshwater sharks etc.
Provide feed for fish such as to ensure that the fish attains maximum weight in comparatively less time span. Feeding and rearing require the pH of your water tank or pond to be near neutral i.e. pH of seven or slightly alkaline pH of eight. Aqua animals feed products, that you choose should provide all the essential nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats for growth and reproduction so the species. You should also maintain natural fish food like phytoplankton in the pond. This will save you a lot of money. Provide floating pellets and sinking pellets for fish that feed at the top layer and bottom layer respectively. These days’ aquatic animal nutrition products of good quality are easily available at affordable price.
The climate in India is extremely suitable for growth of many varieties of fish even if it is in artificial environment. Fish farming is not a laborious task and is easily undertaken along with other variants of farming. Ensure that, at all times you maintain the pH of the water at near neutral. A slight mistake could cost you many months effort. In addition, your fish tank must be treated at regular intervals with salt and potassium permanganate to protect it from various pathogens.
Marketing your business well is the last but most important factor for reaping profit. Indian fish has huge demand in Indian as well as international market; if your fish production is huge, you can also think about exporting it to other countries. Commercial fish farming is attracting many in India. This has become a necessity to meet the nutritional demand of the growing population. This business is sure to give huge returns if executed properly.
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