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by on February 8, 2020
VR headsets are the future of gaming as they are getting more and more prevalent around the gaming industry. These virtual reality headsets often comprise gaming controllers, stereo sound and head motion tracking sensors. If you have got a new headset and are looking to download games on it, then you should feel relax as there is a vast range of games that you can enjoy with your new VR headset. You can download several games and enjoy with your new virtual reality headsets as and when you want. You can play these games with family or can choose to enjoy in isolation also.
1. Vader Immortal
The game will fully immerse you on the planet of Star Wars and with a VR gaming headset as you can turn around 360 degrees and get the real feeling. It is a series that is divided into three parts and you are the main character in the role of a smuggler who is captured by the Empire. The cinematic journey will start when you will attempt to escape from the empire and will feel the real thrill of this game.
2. Pistol Whip
Pistol Whip is a great combination of rhythm games mixed with a bit of action and will be enjoying one as you will learn to shot with the gun and also the way of guitar. The game is full of bright colors, lights, expressive characters and environment which are accompanied by the beat of the music. You will start playing the game as a spy where you have to anticipate the places of enemies, shot them with bullet and also protect yourself while dodging them.
3. Tetris effect
It is a puzzle-based game as you totally engrossed in the game while leading to a sense of euphoria combining with graceful graphics and a wonderful soundtrack. It is a magical game and a great way if you want to attain flow which leads to solving the puzzles efficiently.
4. I Expect you to die
This game is popular among all age group people and can be played while sitting and experiencing funny and eccentric graphics. You will play the game as a secret agent who has to defeat the villain and his evil plots by using his brainpower. You will take on various missions to defeat the supervillain while saving your own life also which will really thrilled you.
5. The Climb
You will experience the real adventure of climbing ascents of mountains and get the chance to deal with the natural fear of heights we often possessed. The game includes several sections where you have to climb upward and downwards over the mountains along with jumping and pursuing other challenging things.
6. Arizona Sunshine
This game is quite violent as you will play here as an unnamed guy who has to save his life from the attack of Zombie in the desert. You have to search for all the possibilities of survival unless you got a safe haven for yourself. You will enjoy while firing a gun on the Zombies and blowing off their legs. You can use weapons and guns in this game which will make you able to fight with your enemies and dodge them.
7. Robo Recall
Robo Recall is a fun action shooter game that you can enjoy a lot while playing as you will get the chance to figure out the rogue robots, throw these robots in air and finally beat them so much as they will die. The plot of this game is interesting where you will find the Robots helping people in their day to day life but when they starting doing something wrong you have to figure then out and blasting them.
8. Echo Arena
Echo Arena is a multiplayer game where you will get the chance to dive, tackle, fly and shoot so you could score against your opponents. You will play as a humanoid robot named Jack and compete against other teams by using the spacesuit which will help you to set in motion and avoid obstacles. You will also use this spacesuit to protect yourself while combating the opponents.
9. Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker
You can get the best gaming experience of this game when you have the Nintendo Lebo Kit as this game is best suited for this kit. The main character or heroes of this game are toads who are quite sympathetic and you will feel adventure while tackling puzzles.
10. Beat Saber
The game is quite exciting as it is consistent and you can play the game for long times. It lets you learn to dance while striking various directional blocks. The game highlights the importance of skill and its impact as exercise. you can avoid obstacles by occasional squatting and side to side leaning along with fast body movement to avoid musical blocks.
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