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by on February 24, 2020

All NHL fans know Jonathan Toews. This player is one of the best center in the history of the NHL due to his great sports career playing for Chicago Blackhawks. His good game allowed him to be the winner of 3 Stanley Cup in 2010, 2013 and 2015. In addition, in the Canadian national team he won the Winter Olympic Games twice.

This player born in Winnipeg, Canada is one of the best players ever seen in the history of the NHL. In 2017 he was chosen within the 100 Greatest NHL Players. In addition, since he began his career in 2007 he continues to maintain his good sports level despite being 31 years old. Another interesting fact in his career is that he never changed his team. Since his signing in 2006 he always remained loyal to Chicago Blackhawks.

Chicago fans who have seen him play surely have in mind the great skills of this player. For those fans who don’t know where to watch Jonathan Toews games, you can take a tour on Lmi sports NHL streams because this is the best way to watch the best quality streams.

His start in the Amateur League

Jonathan Toews

This player's career began at Shattuck-Saint Mary's where he played for two seasons. His second season in this team allowed him to get the attention of several great teams of college ice hockey. During his second season he scored 110 points in 64 games playing for Shattuck-Saint Mary’s.

Jonathan Towes continued his sports career at college ice hockey. The University of North Dakota was the one that took his signing where he showed his best skills. He was the best player on his team. There, he won the WCHA Championship being chosen as the West Regional MVP for his good performance.

Several NHL teams were interested in hiring this player. Those Norh Dakota fans who saw him play knew that this player would become a great promise for the NHL. For those fans who don't know where to watch ice hockey games, we recommend you to reddit streams free.

The great arrival to the NHL

The excellent game that this center showed allowed him to be chosen in third place by Chicago Balckhawks. His sports career in this team could not have started better. After an excellent first season in which he was part of the initial team undisputedly, he was elected captain in his second season.

Since then, he began a very successful career in which he became unstoppable against the rival goal. During the 2010 season, he was a key part of the team to win the Stanley Cup. With this trophy won at age 22, he became one of the few players to win a World Cup, Olympic Gold and Stanley Cup in the history of ice hockey.

Tom Hall's career continued to be successful for many more years. He leaded the Chicago Blackhawks to win 2 more Stanley Cup. Thanks to this, he became one of the best players in the world since he won 3 Stanley Cup in just 6 seasons. His good game is an example to follow for all NHL fans who have a great appreciation for his good sports career.

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