by on February 24, 2020
Sometimes the plastic powder on the surface of the Security screen meshs we buy will fall off, and we will briefly introduce the possible problems.
  1. The quality of the powder is too poor. Use low-quality and low-quality recycled powder, or use powder that cannot withstand ultraviolet radiation in the room.
  2. The quality of the mesh is too poor. The surface of the original mesh has impurities, dust, oil stains, or rust. The surface is not clean, which affects the electrostatic adhesion of the powder (generally this is a frequent occurrence).
  3. The temperature of the oven is too low. Before the Security screen mesh enters the oven, the temperature inside must reach 210 degrees Celsius. If the temperature does not reach the powder, the powder cannot be completely melted.
  4, heating time, only a long enough pipeline to achieve the optimal heating time ratio, this is a very important link
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