Dave Johnson
by on February 25, 2020
If you are a tenant who needs to get your rented property back in to tip top shape before hand over, or you are a landlord that needs your property back to mint condition to put back on the rental market, then an end of tenancy cleaning service could be just what you need.

There are many different reasons to use an end of tenancy cleaning service such as:

Skilled Experts - Even though cleaning is widely regarded as the most unskilled of trades, years of experience really do count. When you get a professional team in, not only will you get a better finish, but they will generally also get the job done much faster too!

Cleaning Materials - Another thing to bear in mind when you hire a company, is that they come will all the best equipment for the job. Things like top of the range carpet cleaners don’t come cheap, and for the average householder it isn't worth the investment, but you will find that most professional cleaning companies will have all such equipment, which simply produces a better end result.

Fully insured - When it comes to a top to bottom clean, there's always the possibility that things get broken in the process. This is where it pays to get the professionals in - you will find that almost all professional companies are fully insured in the event of damage and breakages.

At Johnson House Cleaners we specialise in end of tenancy cleaning. We have a dedicated team who have years of experience in end of tenancy cleaning. Our prices are also some of the lowest in the Greater Manchester area starting from a very reasonable £10 per hour.

Our team work through your property in a very structured manner leaving no stone unturned in the cleaning process. If you would like to book our end of tenancy cleaning team, please call us today for more information.
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