by on February 25, 2020
Screen printing can quickly and cleanly control this complex artwork-from prototype to mass production.
Credit cards, especially the premium version, are a status symbol. Therefore, the more valuable the design is, the more frequently it is used. Use nylon printing screen printing to protect and connect each card element into a beautiful whole, including confidential features. The screen manufacturing process is streamlined into three steps: exposure, development, and drying. Screen printing plants can then achieve high quality that has been unimaginable repeatedly without screen printing technology.
The process of container or bandaging, packing, packing, decorating of goods. Packaging is the continuation of the product production process in the circulation process. It is an indispensable condition for the product to enter the circulation and consumption field. It is a screen-printed decorative pattern, pattern or text to make the product more attractive or descriptive , So as to transmit information and increase sales.
The tag is the image ambassador, which should be attractive while providing information. With silk screen printing, you can achieve gorgeous colors and excellent results that fully meet the specifications.
Recommended that Hebei MAISHI wire mesh manufacturing factory is located in Anping County, Hebei, the hometown of wire mesh in China. The sales department is located in Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province. Is a large-scale manufacturer specializing in manufacturing and selling nylon printing meshs. Over the years, our company has insisted on scientific management and strict inspection system to ensure the excellent products, and has won the trust and praise of new and old customers with reliable reputation and comprehensive services. High-quality products come from strict manufacturing processes and scientific advanced testing, and rely more on the rigorous work style and professionalism of employees. Products enjoy a high reputation in domestic and foreign markets. Silk leads the heart of the four seas, weaving the five continents.
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