by on February 27, 2020
Product Description
MAISHI Wire Mesh Manufacture Group is a professional nylon mesh manufacturer in China and we produce nylon mesh since 1995. MAISHI is capable of heat-slitting mesh into mesh ribbons without fraying edges. Our mesh is food grade and widely used for filtration, screening chemical etc, welcome to contact us if you have nylon mesh inquiry, we are always here to support you.
Opening size: 40 micron to 1900 micron
Material: PA6 (food grade)
Width range from: 1.27m or at request
Shape: can be made into Ribbons, rolls, Tubes, discs, pieces
1. Hot or cold cut mesh to different shapes
2. Heat-sealed Mesh Filter Bags
3. Welded Filter Tubes
4. Stamping Mesh Filter Elements
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