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by on February 28, 2020

Facebook Video Downloader

Posting videos on Facebook was earlier just casual thing to do. But with the increasing influence of social media platforms like Facebook, people have started using Facebook videos to spread awareness . Often people are also misguided by some fake and morally corrupting videos posted on Facebook. Even politicians play their shrewd political wars using videos posted on Facebook. All this recent developments have compelled the media and journalists to keep a record of all sensitive and provoking videos posted on Facebook, so that they can predict their impact or intention. This is where Facebook book video downloader comes handy which can be used to download and store the sensitive videos posted on Facebook.

Twitter Video Downloader

Twitter is one of the most influential social media platforms, and any video twitted by influential persons may create huge sociopolitical impacts. People often want to download the video clips twitted by a politician as a proof of some sensitive incident. Sometimes not only journalist but even normal people want to download a viral Twitter video and share it with their friends. Some government authorities keep a track of the videos posted by black marked social provokers . All these videos need to be stored so that they can be used as evidence for further investigation and understanding of the video. They can also be used as evidence for some related sensitive issue in the court of law. Thus, applications and softwares like Twitter Video Downloader becomes a necessary companion for most politicians and journalists .

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