by on March 4, 2020
Scientific inspection revealed that the price of Security screen mesh and whether the manufacturer has perfect production standards and pricing strategies. This is the main reason.
other reasons:
1. The screens of screens are different, and the core is Security screen mesh。 However, the 304 stainless steel material used by the real Security screen mesh is spray-molded, but some small screen manufacturers and small brands mostly use iron-sprayed mesh or 201 waste manganese steel mesh for competition. These materials are easy to corrode. Easy to rust, extremely short life, and cost nearly 80% cheaper than 304 stainless steel.
2, materials, accessories, and technology affect the overall price. Material is the main component of screens. Anti-freezing, anti-aging, non-deformation, and durability are all factors to consider. Secondly, accessories, locks, stainless steel lock points, handles, etc. are the focus of installation.
3. Technology. Big brands will strictly control everything from materials to finished products, and then hand them over to customers. Small manufacturers and small brands do not have so many processes and cannot be guaranteed.
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