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by on March 5, 2020
While attempting to access any Microsoft Office apps, you may get the server that does not sustain the error of authentication protocol. An error may occur using One Note app or on the OneDrive for the trade during the synchronization procedure. Many users have filed the same problems in the Community forum. A fix was introduced for the Click-to-Run version for business sync client. Keep on reading to follow the instructions for various troubleshooting tips. How to Fix Server does not support current authentication protocol How to Fix Server Authentication Protocol Error Insert Office 365 Account If you want to insert Office 365 account, then you can follow the provided steps: Begin the Office application except for the one that you are facing issues with. So if you are facing a problem with OneDrive client. Launch MS Word Tap on File. Click on Account. Select the Switch Account option below the User Information menu. Choose the Add Account button. Insert the details for Office 365, which is linked with OneDrive for the work. Log out for the account except for 365 accounts that utilize OneDrive for the Business. Shut MS Word. Press on the small arrow in the taskbar. Right-click on OneDrive for the Business cloud in the taskbar. Hit the Sync now option. Check whether the error is resolved or not. Delete and Add the Accounts Again If you wish to delete and add the accounts, then pursue the given instructions: Begin Office application except for OneDrive or OneNote app. Launch MS word. Tap on File. Click on Account. Press remove the entire services, which is not connected to the Office 365 account below Connected Services. Close MS word application. You need to close OneDrive if it’s launched. Tap on small arrow in taskbar. Right-click the OneDrive for trade cloud. Choose the Exit option. Launch OneDrive for the Business app. Right-click on OneDrive for Business cloud tab Tap on Sync Now option and then check for the development. Try to attempt above instructions if initial way does not fix the problem. To make OneDrive library sync, fortunately, you need to delete the entire accounts that are logged in apart from Office 365 account. Update Microsoft Office If you want to update Microsoft office, then abide by the given steps: Begin Office application, including MS Word. Tap on File. Click on Account. Select the Update Options below Office Updates. Hit the Update Now option. Windows is going to download and install the awaiting updates for the office. After installing is finished, open OneDrive or OneNote and then check for the advancement. The error occurs because of the software glitch, according to Microsoft. You may fix it rapidly by deleting or adding the account again. And if not, then install a new version of office to resolve it. Aurora is an engineer by day and writer by night. Previously, Aurora worked as a certified technicians for a tech hardware startup. In her free time, she likes to write about printers, routers, web browsers, and other technical stuff. She majorly writes for epson printer support etc. Source:
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