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by on March 6, 2020
Both the diet plans have the central aims of maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle but both have a different approach. Both Paleo and keto diet encourages the intake of whole foods and avoid processed foods. But while keto diet supports the use of healthy dairy products like cheese etc the paleo diet doesn’t allow it, the keto diet encourages the use of soya milk tofu etc while paleo diet doesn’t allow such artificially obtained food items. While the paleo diet may encourage the intake of fruits berries honey which are rich in carbs but the keto strictly forbids any carb intake.

Which one is better?

To be frank paleo diet focuses more on ideology and keto diet focuses more on macronutrients , both have their pros and cons depending on circumstances. If you want a healthy diet plan with lots of varities which will also boost your life style then paleo diet is a good option but it might be a little experience to gather all the organic alternative in their raw whole format instead of the readily available modern alternatives for example honey instead of modern sugar, rock salt instead of table salt. While from people looks looking to loose weight in a short time keto diet will be more effective but it’s hard to maintain with so many restrictions and hard to follow and incorporate in our daily routine, but has its own quick results. So both the diet plans are good in their own way depends on what you are looking for, and must choose according to your need.

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