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by on March 12, 2020
iPad packs numerous features and taking notes with Apple Pencil is among them. The latest iPad devices are compatible with Apple Pencil, but more than that, Apple is working on making Notes faster. For taking notes, users simply need to open the notes app. But what if the user wants to make note instantly while the display of the iPad is locked? Well, it’s possible to take notes on the iPad while the screen is locked. It’s a feature that everyone loves who makes notes and willing to take notes instantly. Take Notes on Locked iPad with Apple Pencil It’s just like sketching on the paper because the sensitivity of the device’s connectivity with a Pencil is just incredible. People who love drawing, they also prefer to use the iPad because it makes things easier and better, alongside it’s an activity of fun. Making notes on the iPad is extremely easy because you just have to touch the Pencil on the screen of the iPad for waking up the display. However, if you are willing to take notes on the locked screen then you need to follow a simple procedure. How to Make Notes in Locked Screen with Apple Pencil The newest model of iPad is compatible with Apple Pencil. After the compatibility of Apple Pencil, the usage of notes has been increased, and indeed it is one of the best ways to keep the record. In iPhone devices users need to make notes by typing. But on the iPad, you can draw anything and type as well in the same note file. Apple Pencil has a battery inside that keeps it active and you can charge it by plugging it in the charging port of iPad. It doesn’t take much time to charge, in fact, it can charge enough in 5 minutes of plugging. For making notes in the locked screen here is what you need to follow: “Tap” on the “screen” of iPad anywhere from Apple Pencil. Notes application will launch a new note instantly after tapping from Apple Pencil. Choose your way of taking notes, whether it is typing or drawing. After making the whole note, tap on the “Done” icon on the right above side to save the note. A great thing in the notes app is that you can create anything you want with Apple Pencil. Whether you prefer typing or drawing, in the notes app, both features are available. With Apple Pencil, you can draw things in various colors. If you are using iPhone or iPad that doesn’t support Pencil, you can still launch notes from control center. Whether is not as fast as the Pencil but still it can save some of the steps for opening notes. People from around the world prefer to use the iPad and Apple Pencil of new generations because it’s easy and also with Pencil, you can do several more things in iPad. Although, there are multiple generations of iPad that are compatible with Apple Pencil. Here are the list of the iPad devices that can be used with the following generation of Apple Pencil. Apple Pencil 1st Generation – It was the first Pencil that Apple released. It is compatible with several iPad models, and these models are: iPad Air 3rd Generation iPad mini 5th Generation iPad 6th Generation iPad Pro 12.9-inch 1st and 2nd Generation iPad Pro 10.5-inch iPad Pro 9.7-inch All these models have a home button, and they are the first models that able to compatible with Apple Pencil with great connectivity. Apple Pencil 2nd Generation – It’s a new generation of Apple Pencil that connect with iPad Pro 2018 models and the new generation of iPad models which is: iPad Pro 12.9-inch 3rd Generation iPad Pro 11-inch New generation of iPad models that don’t have the home button are compatible with the new generation of Apple Pencil. iPad alone is a great device, and Apple Pencil makes it superior and more creative toward the users. Aron smith is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on brother printer support and many other related topics. He is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience. Source:
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