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by on March 20, 2020
Years ago, when we needed a product we went to a nearby store in our neighborhood or city and bought it. Without looking too much at the packaging with which we received it, we saw that the product boxes were in good condition and we were satisfied.
The offer was limited but soon the possibility of buying products by catalog or subscriptions appeared, then the product arrived in the box or packaging and it began to gain relevance, since we hope that the order will arrive in good condition.
To these business models are now added online stores that allow you to access any product. The importance of the packaging remains fundamental, being able to affirm that it has gained greater relevance, there is more competition, this makes it essential to take care of the quality and image of the cardboard boxes.
Cardboard Box For Design Shipments
The shipping process and the return policy are other issues to address to win and maintain our market share. A customer should feel safe and satisfied with these points. A failure or error can be very expensive, so we leave some useful tips on cardboard packaging.
1. Flexible Return Policy
1. The return policy must be flexible and offer advantages and guarantees to our buyers, but am I reducing my profit margin? There are ways to ensure that your order arrives correctly, with the product in perfect condition and avoid claims for example, using a good quality packaging or cardboard box. If the product that the customer has purchased arrives at its destination in perfect condition , the number of returned orders caused by this reason will be reduced.
If the light package would be worth a simple cardboard box but if the fragile and heavy one would need a harder and more resistant cardboard box, it will withstand the blows more. Find out how to choose the right cardboard box.
2. Ensure Product Protection
The protection of the product that guarantees proper packaging is essential, since the box will be the one to cushion the impacts if we also include internal protection, the chances of unforeseen events are reduced even more. We recommend adding a bubble bag inside and reinforce with quality adhesive tape.
3. The Packaging Talks About Your Brand
Packaging is one of the points that every online retail must control perfectly. Keep in mind that the cardboard box containing the product will be the first contact that the customer will have with him. This adds to the tools we have in packaging to create a positive shopping experience.
Other Recommendations When You Already Have The Packaging:
• We already have the cardboard packaging ready to ship the product, now we must guarantee.
• That the package arrives at the recipient's house in an interval of 2 to 3 days.
• Offer the customer the possibility to check the status of their order at home at the time and know when their box will arrive home.
• If possible, offer free or shipping costs or discounts, but be careful, the customer does not want to lose quality or guarantees.
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