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A computer mouse is a  pointing  device whose movement controls the computer's graphical user interface. Information on the position of the mouse on a solid pad is processed by the computer and converted into digital form - the cursor on the display. To determine the exact position, several different options are used, according to which we divide the mice into ball, optical and laser. Ball mice are nowadays archaic solutions. A ball located at the bottom of the device was used to determine the position. As the ball rotated, the computer recorded her movement. However, the ball was often clogged with dirt and poorly responded to rapid movements. Optical mice are equipped with an LED to record the position, they are fully sufficient for the average user. Laser mice are among the market leaders. Instead of LEDs they have a laser and are very accurate for precise computing.

Looking for a new mouse to your PC and wondering which one is the best? Before you buy a new model, you should be aware of all the criteria that need to be addressed. How to choose the right mouse?

5 tips on how to choose a mouse

Choose A Mouse

The mouse and keyboard are among the most popular ways to control your computer. To work with your mouse really well, you have to select it with a few criteria in mind. First of all, think well about what purpose you will most often use the mouse for. Also important is the size of the mouse itself, its way of connecting to the computer, ergonomic design and of course the price.

Criterion 1: What will you use the mouse for?

The basic mouse types are an office mouse with a pair of buttons and a wheel, and you can also use a smaller mouse suitable for a notebook. If you expect more from your mouse, get a multimedia or gaming mouse that has more features and usually also has an ergonomic shape, click here.

Choose A Mouse

Criteria 2 and 3: Mouse size and ergonomics

When choosing a mouse you should also be interested in its size and ergonomic shape. These are very important criteria that will ensure that the mouse is very well controlled whether you are right-handed or left-handed.

Criterion 4: Connection method to the computer

In this case, choose between a classic cable mouse, which you connect to the USB port of the computer using a cable. The second option is a computer wireless mouse that includes a USB receiver. Insert this receiver into the USB port of the computer, the mouse and the computer will then communicate with each other via Bluetooth wireless technology.

Criterion 5: Mouse price

The price of a computer mouse usually indicates its quality. The price of quality office mice ranges from 400 crowns. Quality wireless mice are available from 500 crowns and above. Of course, you need to pay extra if you look for verified branded game or multimedia mice.

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